• Arena Ground Floor rental of Rs. 1, 00,000/-+ Gst (Inclusive of adjacent lawn, complete air-conditioned ground floor, and steps seating towards TURF)
  • Upstairs terrace lounge Rs. 75000/- + Gst
  • Rebate of Rs. 25000/- if entire ARENA is booked.
  • No rental will be charged in case catering is done by RGC (Offer for catering will be given subject to menu selection).
  • In case of club catering rental of Rs. 25000/- will be charged if numbers of persons is less than 100.


  • Reservations/ Bookings can be made by members, only for their immediate family [brother, sister, children, parents, grandchildren]. If found otherwise, this could be subject to penalty as decided by the Managing Committee.
  • 50% of the booking value has to be paid as venue confirmation advance within a day, failing which the Club is under no obligation to hold the venue.
  • No tentative booking would be reserved for more than 24 hours, after which the tentative booking would stand cancelled.
  • In case of outside catering designated area will be provided for cooking. Cleaning charges of Rs. 10,000/- + Gst will be applicable.
  • In case of any damage to the property of RGC, the member would bear the cost as fixed by the RGC Management and will be settled by the member within one week of the event.


    You may cancel this agreement only upon giving written information to us. Any cancellation will attract charges as under:
  • Cancellation between date of signing and 2 days of the event; 50% Thereafter 100%.
  • If the party is cancelled due to any natural phenomena, no cancellation charges would apply.


  • Outside liquor shall be permitted with per bottle corkage charges of Rs. 500 /.
  • For any party below 50 persons please contact General Manager for commercials.
  • The Club shall allow only one welcome/information on self mounted stands which can be displayed around/near the hall/inside the hall without damaging any wall/ceiling/floor or obstructing any passage. There should not be any damage done to the walls/ceiling, etc. by way of nailing, pasting or hammering. The floor protector should be laid before the fabrication of stalls.
  • You agree to begin your event at the scheduled start time and agree to have your guests; invitees and other persons vacate the designated event space at the end time indicated on the final agreement.
  • Venue will be handed over for duration at 11am on the event day and has to be cleared by 11am on the next day
  • Entry for the private party will be from gate no-2, if the member wants entry from main club entrance prior permission has to be taken.
  • Music/DJ in the halls and open area shall be permitted only up to 10.00 pm (STRICLY).
  • Tentage will be allowed only by the club empanelled vendors
  • Fireworks / Fire Crackers / Open Fire / Gas Blower / Sky Lantern / ‘Fanush’ (paper-made hot air balloon) are strictly prohibited in any of the Venues in the Club Premises.


  • All the requisite permissions from the local authorities for organising the event/programme shall be taken by the organisers before the event and a copy of all these permissions should be submitted to the Club before the start of the event.
  • Fire retardant material shall be used and all the safety precautions/guidelines issued by the fire department should be observed by the organisers